Christians Urge Facebook to Remove ‘Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted’ Page

Virgin-Mary-Shouldve-Aborted-FacebookA group of concerned Christians is calling on Facebook to remove a page that promotes the notion that the Virgin Mary of the Bible should have received an abortion. Titled “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted,” the administrator of the page claims to “explain what really happened in the biblical times, since the bible is full of lies.”With just over 5,000 “likes,” Celene Schartner of Australia says the page not only demeans what Christians believe but is slanderous and hateful. It diminishes the right to life of every unborn infant in its mother’s womb by its very title and statement.

“Many Christians worldwide are so distressed at the attempts to diminish Christian values and the slanderous attacks on the Bible,” Schartner says. “If people don’t believe, that’s their choice, but they need to learn respect for the choices of others.”

Schartner encourages others to join the protest by signing a petition that encourages the popular social media site to ban the page. As of the time of this release, more than 15,000 concerned Christians have signed the petition.

“I would never demean another Christian’s faith or presume I have the right to do so, regardless of what they believe,” Schartner says.

As U.S. spokesman for “Catholics & Protestants Against FB Religious Discrimination,” Cary Bogue denounces the Virgin Mary page as “beyond offensive.”

“No Christian anywhere can consider this just ‘free speech.’ This has deliberately been set up to offend and attack,” Bogue says.

Bogue maintains the page clearly is in violation of Facebook’s own policy, which states, “While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their religion.”

Bogue believes Facebook has created an automated response to complaints about the page, claiming it does not consider it an attack on a religion.

“That is just absurd. All we are asking is Facebook adhere to its own guidelines,” Bogue says.

The protesting group has created its own Facebook page requesting “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted” be removed.

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