How to Keep Satan From Getting the Upper Hand in Your Life

snake-eye-rgbstockMaybe your prayer life is not what it used to be, and you just cannot find that place with God that is full of life, joy, peace and purpose.

You feel as if something has crept in, slowly but surely, and stolen your zeal for praising and worshipping God, to the point that there just doesn’t seem to be any time for it anymore. Do you feel limited, hindered, stifled and unproductive?

The battles you are fighting are taking place in the unseen world, where even your close family does not understand what is happening within you. Desires that were once passionate in your heart now seem totally out of reach. Dreams and plans for the future seem to have dried up; the life that was in them has been choked out by something you cannot quite put your finger on.

You and I have a real enemy that battles for the souls of men. He is getting the upper hand in many lives—but we do not have to sit back and let him gain access to our homes, our families, or our lives. The Lord has given us power over the enemy; we just need to understand how to use it.

I want to share with you some powerful insights the Lord has given me for overcoming the attacks of the enemy and walking in victory. The devil’s plan is to slowly but surely snake his way into our lives, attempting to choke the very life out of us. But we can identify the effects of this subtle but deadly choke hold in our lives and have the tools we need to break free and live a victorious Christian life.

From its very opening pages the Bible describes Satan as a snake in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to think of snakes when we think about the devil and his demons. The Lord showed me that the devil operates a lot like a snake—a python to be specific—in the way he tries to infiltrate the lives of believers. As he slowly coils his way around us, we hardly even notice—until suddenly we find we can’t breathe.

But there is a way to defeat him! You don’t have to become his prey. You can learn to recognize the early warning signs of his deadly grip, discover ways you may have unknowingly given him an open door into your life and home, and make changes that bring God’s deliverance and complete restoration into every area of your life.

For the body of Christ, there has never been a more crucial time for us to wake up and run the snakes out of our hen houses! I am not one to overemphasize the work of the devil, but even Jesus warned us that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). He called the devil a murderer and the father of lies (John 8:44). In the book of Revelation John called him an old serpent that deceives the whole world. (Rev. 12:9).

The good news is that you have the power to defeat him. We don’t have to be his prey. We can defeat the python because Jesus has stripped him of his power (Heb. 2:14, Col. 2:15; Rev. 1:18). Jesus has the keys of hell and death, so what keys does Satan have? None! He doesn’t even have the keys to his own kingdom anymore.

Jesus openly subdued him and his minions, and God gave Jesus all rule and authority in this age and the age to come. The kingdom of heaven knows it. The kingdom of darkness knows it. The problem is that too many Christians do not live like they know it so they are not operating from that position of victory.  Satan has been defeated, but he still wreaks havoc in the world. Where then does he get his power?

Satan’s realm of influence is in the human soul—the center of the mind, will and emotions. The only power the devil has in this world is the power we turn over to him through our choices and actions. When we rebel, when we sin, when we follow our fleshly desires rather than the Holy Spirit, we empower the kingdom of darkness. The greatest battle for your soul is not the war going on between angels and demons; it is the war going on between your ears.

Just as the devil’s kingdom is empowered by idolatry and ungodliness, the power of God’s kingdom is manifested when we pray, worship and live holy lives. We need to recognize the One who is greater than the enemy. It is time to humble ourselves before Him, repent of self-will, stubbornness, and everything in our lives that offers the devil a safe harbor or foothold. That is the only way to break the python’s chokehold in our homes, our churches and our cities.

Adapted from The Spirit of Python, copyright 2013, published by Charisma House. This book will help you understand the strategies of the enemy when he operates like a python to squeeze out your joy, worship, prayer, praise and your very life. You will learn to recognize his tactics and bring deliverance and restoration to every area of your life.


As you praise, worship and pray this week ask the Lord to reveal areas in your life where a door may have opened and given the enemy access. Humble yourself before Him and repent of self-will, stubbornness, and anything that offers the devil a safe harbor or foothold in your life.

Thank the Lord that He has given you the power to defeat the enemy and you don’t have to be his prey. Pray for those suffering from devastation in the Philippines and ask God to show you how you can help. Remember Israel and those persecuted for the cause of Christ. Continue to pray for worldwide revival and for our nation to seek the Lord once again. Lift up our president and all those in authority over our nation, state, communities and churches. Heb 2:14; Col. 2:15.


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