CHINA: The iPhone “strikes” again: a man in coma after recharging his phone

CINA_-_IPhoneWu Jian suffered electric shock from the phone, which he had plugged in to recharge with a charger that was not original. Currently in a Beijing hospital, but the doctors force open his fingers around the phone.
Beijing (AsiaNews) – For the second time in a week, the use of unauthorized iPhone gadgets has caused a tragedy in China. Wu Jian, a native of the province of Jilin, fell into a coma after recharging his phone with a battery charger that is not original. The man was taken to the Haidian hospital in Beijing, where doctors had to intervene to open his hand still clutching the phone.

Wu’s sister was present at the time of the tragedy, and explains that she too suffered a severe electric shock when she tried to unplug the charger. The Haidian hospital director explains that Wu “is in a coma because of the electric shock he suffered, which caused a cardiac arrest and blocked the flow of oxygen to the brain.” The brand of recharger (see photo) which resulted in the lethal shock, is unknown.

This is the second case in a week. On July 14 Ma Ailun, former hostess of the China Southern Airlines, suffered a violent electric shock from her mobile phone. She slumped to the ground and was immediately taken to hospital but doctors were unable to revive her. She died the same day.

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