Mission-Net goes into the next round


mission-net-logoMission-Net goes into the next roundWith a financial “plus”, the active planning phase for the 4th European Mission-Net Congress has begun. 3000 participants from 55 different countries will come together over the New Year 2015/2016. From 28.12.2015 to 02.01.2016 they will worship God and explore what it means to live a missional lifestyle today. The event will again take place in Offenburg, Germany.The programme will include inspiring speakers from all over Europe, a wide range of seminars and workshops, opportunities to get in touch with leaders of mission
organisations and Christian educational institutions, as well as multicultural encounters with people from over 40 European countries.
This time Mission-Net wants to play a vital part in erasing Bible poverty and will therefore place a stronger emphasis on Bible study methods to help young Europeans to engage more with the Bible themselves and take the ideas back home.
They will use the inductive Bible study method in their small groups.
The Letter to the Ephesians will be used as the focus during the morning Bible Study.
The life of Jesus and how he lived a missional lifestyle will be explored during the evenings.
Andy Flannagan, Irish singer-songwriter and worshiper by heart, is confirmed to lead the worship times again.
Enquiries for speakers and bands are up and running and different organisations and foundations are now being invited to join the Congress. A high involvement and
strong participation is desired, also with organisations partnering with resources, knowledge and manpower.
The venue, once again, will be the Messe Offenburg in the South of Germany. Good connections to three different airports will simplify the travel of 3000 people from all
over Europe to the Congress.


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