USA: 6 ragioni per le quali i giovani abbandonano la chiesa cristiana

YouthMinistryRiportiamo un articolo apparso su christianity today in cui vengono descritti i motivi per cui i giovani americani abbandonano la chiesa cristiana per vivere il mondo senza Dio. Ecco i punti sopracitati, riportati in lingua originale:

Isolationism. [ISOLAZIONISMO]- One-fourth of 18- to 29-year-olds say church demonizes everything outside church, including the music, movies, culture, and technology that define their generation.

Shallowness. [MANCANZA DI PROFONDITA’]- One-third call church boring, about one-fourth say faith is irrelevant and Bible teaching is unclear. One-fifth say God is absent from their church experience.

Anti-science. [ATTEGGIAMENTO ANTI-SCIENTIFICO]- Up to one-third say the church is out of step on scientific developments and debate.

Sex. [SESSO]- The church is perceived as simplistic and judgmental. For a fifth or more, a “just say no” philosophy is insufficient in a techno-porno world. Young Christian singles are as sexually active as their non-churched friends, and many say they feel judged.

Exclusivity. [ESCLUSIVISMO]- Three in 10 young people feel the church is too exclusive in this pluralistic and multi-cultural age. And the same number feel forced to choose between their faith and their friends.

Doubters. [NESSUNO SPAZIO PER  IL DUBBIO ]- The church is not a safe place to express doubts say over one-third of young people, and one-fourth have serious doubts they’d like to discuss.


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