China: Shenzhen, police raid party for Hu Jia: 20 dissidents arrested

The famous human rights activist turns 40 and invites some friends to a restaurant. The plainclothes officers arrive, question those present and carry them away. Teng Biao: “They were very nervous, they asked us if we were talking about a friend of ours arrested a week ago. The situation is getting worse. “Shenzhen – A group of police officers in plain clothes last night raided at a restaurant in Shenzhen where 20 dissidents were celebrating the 40th birthday of activist Hu Jia. Without a warrant and without presenting any kind of accusation, the police interrogated them first and then took them away. This is confirmed by one of those present, Teng Biao, speaking to the South China Morning Post.

According to Teng, officers questioned him about the details of the dinner. Hu Jia, whose birthday was being celebrated, is one of the leading figures among Chinese dissidents and on several occasions has been a “bridge” between democracy activists and the international community. Teng said that the officers “were very nervous, they asked me if we were talking about Xu Zhiyong and his recent arrest. After two and a half hours they released me.”

Xu, professor of law at Beijing University, at the beginning of June asked the Communist leadership to publish their assests (in line with the statements made by former President Hu Jintao even). For this reason, a week ago he was arrested for “violence.” Teng Biao is currently his lawyer, who has already filed an appeal against the absurd charges brought against his client.

According to Teng, this latest raid against democracy activists shows that the situation is getting worse: “The arrests and repression will become harder and harder. Ordinary people, China’s population does not live with a sense of security and social conflicts are becoming harsher . The situation is not easy to solve. ”


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