Christian Educator: Weak-Willed Church Allows Transgender Bathroom Bill

Unisex-restroomChristian educators are getting fed up with some recent laws that have been passed, and the head of Christian Educators Association International says a passive church has permitted non-Christians to make those decisions.Finn Laursen, the organization’s executive director, has specifically pointed to the new California mandate that will allow for transgender students to access the restroom of their choosing at school.

Laursen is strongly urging the church to make a stand.

The new law has ignited a firestorm of controversy. Under the bill, male students in public schools who claim to be transgendered are allowed to use female restrooms, to participate in female sports and to shower with the girls.

Laursen refers to the new law as a “wake-up call” for the church and says Christian teachers have been thrust into a position that encourages them to embrace a law that contradicts their Christian beliefs.

“You need to speak up and speak the biblical worldview, not in an abusive way,” Laursen told “They’re ambassadors of Christ, so they need to show love, compassion and grace. But they don’t need to bow, or curtsy if you will, to an absurd and obscene law.”

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