Arti, conferenza evangelica in Francia

Sono già iscritti partecipanti da tutta Europa.

Arts Conference – 29 giugno – 6 luglio 2013 a Aix-en-Provence, Francia
Ann e Lindsay Brown organizzano una conferenza per artisti e storici dell’arte.

Le lingue ufficiali della conferenza sono inglese e francese.
Gli obiettivi sono:

  • To encourage mutual support and networking between Christians working in the visual arts in Europe as practitioners and as interpreters of artwork.
  • Speakers will engage with the issues relating to contemporary practice. They will attempt to confront some of the challenges and opportunities facing twenty-first century artists.
  • Through Bible studies, lectures and workshops participants will explore together the relationship between art and faith. We want to honestly respond to the difficulties of keeping the faith.
  • Profile the work of young Christian artists in the context of a public exhibition

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Una bellissima occasione da non perdere!

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