New horror in India: 4-year-old girl raped and murdered

INDIA_(F)_0711_-_StuproMumbai (AsiaNews) – a “heinous and brutal crime” that “shows the depravity and degradation of the dignity of human life”. To AsiaNews Pascoal Carvalho, Member of the Pontifical Academy for life, thus commented on yet another case of rape and murder that is scandalizing India. The victim is a child of four years, from Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh).

After disappearing on July 8, the little girl was found lifeless, surrounded by a few stray dogs. As revealed by the autopsy, the body had more than 50 stab wounds and serious internal injuries.

Precisely today the country was awaiting the verdict on one of the six rapists in the New Delhi gang rape, which dominated the pages of national newspapers and has been at the center of a heated debate. In the morning, however, the Court decided to postpone the verdict until July 25. The defendant was a minor at the time of the fact (now he is 18) and for reason could get a maximum of three years in a reformatory.

“These innocent and vulnerable girls”, says the doctor, “are among those who are most in need of our protection. The gruesome death of this little girl, a precious human being made in the image and likeness of God, is the sign of the degradation of the dignity and sanctity of every human life”.

Rapes against very small children are not isolated cases. “Generally”, he explained, “the police are reluctant to register complaints. The police officers are from same patriarchal society that has encouraged a culture of rape, and changing the way they deal with crimes against women will be difficult as it is difficult to change the social perception [of these crimes].”

For this reason “it is urgent not only to condemn this kind violence, but to understand its causes. Our patriarchal mentality has become treacherous for our society. We live in a context that does not consider women equal to men and that continues to assign specific roles. The cycle of domination begins well before birth: the feticide and female infanticide are an by now a well-known malaise of our society”.

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